About me

Hello there. This is Yasir Saeed, a professional blogger from Pakistan and I welcome you to my personal website, YasirSaeed.com! I am an MBA in Marketing from Lahore School of Economics but work asa professional SEO consultant.

As an internet marketer, I had been working at a private Internet Marketing firm, Itlinks.com for nearly 3 years and now formed my own company, Blossom Media. I am also the founder of a Technology website Freshtechbites.com, where I blog about the latest trends in technology including Apple, Android, Google, Microsoft, Gadgets, etc.

I had this domain with me for years but never thought of coming up with a professional online presence. With an attempt of starting websites on free blogging platforms without a professional custom domain and failing several times, I learned that nothing is more important these days that being consistent. Earning money off websites with a professional appearance has always been enticing for me.

All right, so I started this website back in 2012, couldn’t work on it, then again started in 2013, still lost the charm of working on it, and now again. A New Year 2015, and a New Me, I am back on the track again 🙂

The basic purpose of my website is to provide practical knowledge of SEO, WordPress and Blogging. Just like me, I also want you to become a better blogger as each day passes. I am starting this website to show you how to be a professional blogger and engage in professional conversations.

Why my blog can be of help to you? Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • SEO tips to improve traffic to your site
  • Practical tips to teach you how to become a good blogger
  • Tips to teach you how to write posts that are targeted towards your audience
  • Teaching you tips Earning money off your blog

I am an avid writer myself and would highly appreciate if you want to guest write for me. My blog is focused for new and pro bloggers on getting quality traffic, SEO tips, social media marketing and blogging. I occasionally blog on Windows 8 tips and tutorials too.

If there are some specific topics you would want to guest post on my blog, I would be more than happy to do it for you. Just visit my Guest posting page and send me an email with the desired content you want on my website. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

I respect your privacy and have a dedicated Privacy Policy page written on my website that you can read here. I wish you all a good time on my blog. Feel free to browse on any topic. You can add me to your circles on Google Plus, like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter