10 tips You PROBABLY didn’t know about blogging

I’ll be honest about increasing blog traffic. Every blogger, whether be it an amateur or a professional, is hungry for targeted traffic to increase conversions and sales.

That does not exclude me though.

As a professional blogger, I understand that targeted traffic is worth in gold, or perhaps diamond! In this article, I would be sharing about the most common tips that you probably didn’t know about blogging and how to use these to increase traffic by over 100% in a short span of time.

So let us get ahead with some facts:

  • You had been blogging but tired to see any results
  • You check in your Google Analytics, Adsense, Affiliate marketing accounts to see some unusual (or even consistent) growth in traffic and sales. But nope…. That isn’t working either.
  • You wonder… Am I alone?
  • No my dear friend, you aren’t!
  • You wonder again..So, what do I need to do now that I have learned a lot about it from the “traffic experts”?

Don’t worry. I had been through an exact same situation just a couple of months earlier. Learn EXACTLY what I did to overcome my frustration and blog passionately for traffic.

Traffic, traffic, traffic. What to do about it? How to get it? Shared below are my 10 proven methodologies that have started working out for me to generate quality traffic. Read these in detail and implement them to boost traffic to your blog too:

1. You are aimlessly blogging, with no real sense of a content marketing strategy.

So far, you have (or maybe, HAD been) aimlessly blogging trying your shots here and there to desperately earn some money. My friend, blogging isn’t about money. And trust me, this isn’t really going to work out the way you are doing it.

It is about passion. You follow your passion (backed with data), money follows you.

If you want to boost your blog traffic, stop worrying and start acting now. So far, you were aimlessly shooting in the sky because you had no aim. You had no strategy. Create a content development and marketing strategy.

It goes without saying that the best way to generate quality traffic is to SIMPLY generate more quality content, not simply content.

Ever heard “content is king?”

Well, let me rephrase it:

“QUALITY content is KING”

Being strategic means, creating research and making at least a monthly schedule (or weekly as it suits you) regarding the topics you want to research, cover and talk about in details on your blog.

While a topic is trending in your niche, grab that opportunity to your advantage.

Here are some helpful ideas to straightly align your content marketing strategy with your money making passion:

  • Conduct research from other blogs
  • Write better from others and write in-depth quality content
  • Focus on a specific topic of your blog and write that topic as much as you can to generate enough credibility in this field.
  • Quora is a great place to see what type of questions do people ask. Use it to your advantage and write detailed posts that are on trending questions at any point in time.
  • Buzzsumo is another excellent website that tracks social media shares, likes and activities of the most popular topics in various niches. Search what people are talking about and sharing in your niche and write topics relevant and better than the ones shared.
  • Always have a catchy headline such as “25 things you need to do in your life before you die.” Suddenly, headlines like these are EXTREMELY catchy in nature that increases the click-through rate and conversions for your website.
  • Have infographics, statistics and any other visually-driven data that can boost the time people spend on your blog each day.

2. Create content with long lasting impact on your readers

It would be write to say “Write evergeen content.” But what is evergreen in blogging and how to write it? Evergreen literally means “staying forever, always fresh, and always green (off course :D)”

Take for example Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Sylvester Stallone. Their Terminator series and Rambo series are unlikely to be forgotten. What started off as a passion, eventually became a a part of their cult personalities today. Their movies are evergreen.

When I tune in on a TV channel and I see any Terminator movie or a Rambo movie, I STOP! I always enjoy watching these movies on TV channels no matter how old they might look. It is THESE movies that made Shwarzenneger and Stallone what they are today.

These movies are classics and even though they were made over 20 years ago, are still very popular today. This is called EVERGREEN content.

For example, a blog post on “10 ways to increase blog traffic” is more likely to stay evergreen than “Which websites lost and gained rankings by Google Algorithmic changes.”

3. Do not cover breaking stories..They end up in trash!

In short, do not try to cover breaking stories unless you really are a journalist and running a news blog. Since you are not able to come up with 10+ posts a DAY, (yes, that is an average blog posts of how top news breaking websites create each day) you need to write content that is there to stay, whilst it can be still updated with the latest trends.

For example, I recently updated an article on my website, “How to withdraw money from Payoneer – Complete Guide.” I wrote it back way in January, 2015 and by November, 2015 I learned many new things which were not posted in this article.

So, I updated my exiting post with new information, and some nice cool graphics to increase viewer count. As a result, user engagement, traffic and referral income boosted by over 50% within a short span of 1 month.

As time progresses, more and more people are flocking online to earn income and off course they need a viable method to withdraw their earnings. Hence, a topic like the one I discussed above is likely there to stay for many more years to come. Newbie freelancers will always be looking out for ways on how to use the Payoneer card to withdraw money.

4. Crate ASS-KICKING Compelling headlines

Buzzfeed and UpWorthy are 2 sites that have created some of the BEST and the MOST viral content ever in the history of internet. CNN, BBC, Skynews and many other news websites can’t even compete them!

Neil Patel covers them in great details and talks about the way they use headlines to generate clicks, views and OBVIOUSLY revenue than other websites.

Question: What does your potential reader/visitor read on your website before reading your article?

Answer: Your headline…. not a rocket-science!

Hence, bloggers and experts like Neil Patel (one of my favorites!) always suggest to use powerful headlines for your article. After all, it is the catchy headlines that attract visitors.

So let us compare a normal and a KICKASS headline:

Normal headline: How to increase blog traffic

Kickass headline: If you are not applying these 10 tips to increase blog traffic, you are losing out big time!

See the difference? You might have a great piece of well-researched content hiding at the back of a sick, dull headline. Well, guess what! Your content may die much…. much earlier than expected!

Appearance, backed with credibility is what makes the difference to your article. See how I have structured my blog headlines? Does that ring a bell?

5. Create loyal readership through blog subscriptions and email newsletter

Until your targeted does NOT find you, there is no worth at all in writing fresh content. Content marketing these days is as important as content development, but backed with reliability, statistics and visually-driven data.

See the Hello bar up?? I have it there to increase my loyal readership and even though I haven’t started throwing out email newsletters, I do have a nice collection of subscribers who are willing to read my blog.

Once I have a decent collection, I will start shooting out mails to them and letting them know about updates on my blog regarding new content and strategies that I post. This helps my returning visitors to come back for more..

6. Keywords and SEO is JUST a part of the game

Yup! You heard that right. People consider SEO to be some sort of programming job. Have a few keywords here and there, build some links and you rank on top. No, that ISN’t defined as SEO. In fact, once you target the right keywords and churn out unique content, you are already doing search engine optimization the right way.

How do I find out If I am doing the right SEO or not?

I always check my Google Analytics, Adsense, and referral accounts and when I see steady increase in organic traffic, advertising income, and referral income, I get relaxed that SEO is done the right way.

Here are some tips do to SEO the right way:

  • There isn’t any hard and fast rule of thumb for keyword density. So try not be anything over 1.5%
  • Use keywords appropriately in the context and the content in general should be discussing about those keywords.
  • Do not keyword stuff your content to alert Mr. Big G
  • Always link to other related blog posts. This can be either internally linking or externally linking to any other website.
  • Do not stuff your content with links. People hate to have too many links in the content.
  • Use long-tail keywords, for example “10 proven tips to increase organic blog post by over 200% within 45 days.”

7. Long-tail keywords, the holy grail for bloggers.

Long-tail keywords are search phrases that contain no less than 3 phrases. For example, “How to lose weight by running” is a long-tail keyword and targets all those people who want to lose weight ONLY by running. Hence, your chances of ranking for the long-tail keywords are higher than just “lose weight” keyword, which is WAY too competitive and will burn your money if you would try to rank for it.

Not only are these long-tail keywords cheaper than the larger and more competitive ones, but they are also easier to rank for.

Tips to search long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords is not a rocket science to search. While premium accounts at Wordstream and SEMRush provide a bigger picture than Google Adwords, if you have started blogging or do not intend to burn your money, I would rather suggest to stick to Google Adwords.

If you just type for terms in Google search engine, you will get related queries, which rank the most popular long-tail keywords related to YOUR niche.

Now that you have taken some long-tail phrases, put all of them in Google Keyword Planner tool, which is an advanced version of Google Adwords Keywords tool.

You need to get the long-tail phrases that are having lower competition and higher search volume as compared to others. These are the right keywords you need to write well-researched content. In short, they are worth in gold.

8. You need WordPress SEO plugins

Having a wordpress website without SEO plugins is similar as buying a new car without oil. WordPress is a SEO powerhouse. Hence, what you need to do manually, can be done without breaking any sweat through some of the best SEO wordpress plugins. These plugins make it easy for you to setup:

  • XML sitemap
  • Keyword density
  • Image optimization
  • Meta description and titles
  • Homepage optimization
  • Content optimization

Usually there are only 2 that rule the market, and they are stated below. However, I always found WordPress SEO by Yoast to be much better than All in One SEO pack, even though both work great for your website!

WordPress SEO by Yoast

All in One SEO Pack

9. Decide on the type of social media platform to use

Writing and promoting for your blog usually comes at a price in terms of time and effort. You seriously do not want to market your blog to the wrong target audience and then wonder “Hey, why doesn’t my traffic convert.”

Starting and maintaining a blog is easier said than done. You need to be strategic about your social media presence. While it is great to have presence across ALL social networks, doing so will only burn you out. Hence, decide on the type of network to use and stick to it.

For example, my current blog is not really for B2B people that you would find on LinkedIn. Instead it is ideal for those using Facebook for a number of reasons:

  1. My blog is dedicated towards masses that want to earn online income
  2. My audience is mostly found in masses on Facebook than on Linkedin, where I only find professionals
  3. While I do not say that my blog isn’t intended for LinkedIn connections, it is not the platform where majority of my target audience sits.
  4. My blog contains videos, infographics, etc. Hence it is perfect for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why do brands fail? They fail to understand their market segment. You are in YOURSELF a BRAND. You need to find yourself and the RIGHT target audience that would visit your blog, and convert like crazy numbers.

For example, I am fond of reading Neil Patel’s advice on SEO and content marketing. In one of his posts, he stated that Upworthy limited their social media buttons only till Facebook and LinkedIn. Too many social media buttons in fact, confuse your readers. You do not want that to happen to your blog, do you?

While choices are better in nature, research has shown that individuals prefer lesser, but popular choices

10. Make your website ready for mobile

It is the age of MobileGeddon, a term used to describe the after effects of Google’s latest algorithmic changes targeted websites NOT yet ready for varying screen sizes, in short, responsive. Once I click any website link, I want it to open up fast whether on my iPhone or my MacBook Pro. If it doesn’t, I immediately click the back button with 5 seconds!

Since I run my blog, I know the importance of having optimum page speed and mobile-readiness for my website.

Google’s Page Speed Insights tool is a FREE and effective tool that calculates your site’s mobile-readiness and determines its page score out of 100. The higher the page score, the better for you!

Another research has shown that people spend almost 3 hours a day on tablets or smart phones which shows growing importance of having your website ready for the digital age.

What? Not yet mobile-ready? Try out these two plugins. I am using them as well and they are working perfectly like charm!

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Jetpack by WordPress (there’s a mobile theme option included)

Last, but not the least, develop relationships with fellow bloggers

Blogging is a huge world. Being alienated in it means that you are destroying yourself for apparently no good reason. Find other bloggers in your niche and maintain good relationships with them.

Whenever they publish new content, go ahead and appreciate them in the comments and provide constructive criticism regarding what they have written and how would it have been improved.

Interview bloggers and feature them on your website. This is a great way to kick-start your blogging career!

With 2500 words completed so far for this article, I believe that I have covered enough until my next blog post on driving traffic to your blog. What do you folks think about it? Let me know!