15 authentic ways of making money online in 2015

Making money online or offline isn’t an easy feat to achieve. Many scammers try to fool you with the “get rich quick” kind of schemes. But trust me, nothing happens overnight. Neither will you be a celebrity, nor a big income earner within a few days. And the ones you see today earning solid income online, they sacrificed their days and nights, and poured in effort consistently to become what they are. Oh, if you thought that internet was a medium where you can “just do some clicks and earn $400 per hour”, then i wouldn’t suggest continue reading this article. This article provides an insight into 15 authentic ways of making money online in 2015. These are proven methods, provided you inject enough time, and dedication.

Internet has opened doors to literally unlimited opportunities for people looking to make really good active and passive income. The big names like Darren Rowse, and Harsh Agarwal that you see today were unknown to the world when they first started. Having been a professional writer and manager since 2010, I know the ins and outs of making money online. I have had great experiences of earning $1,000+ to losing $500+ for a single project. Hence, I would like to share my own experiences with you on how to generate a constant stream of passive/active income online and what pitfalls to avoid.

What is active and passive income?

“I write high quality content.” That’s active voice.

“High quality content is written by me.” That’s passive voice.

But wait! You are not here to learn English, are you? All methods of earning money online divide in 2 prime categories, active and passive. As a freelance writer, copywriter, designer, developer, photographer, blah blah, you cannot earn money unless you write content and get paid for it by delivering to the client. In other words, active income refers to your activity that has a direct impact upon your revenues.

While you should be focusing on active income in the start of your online carrier, nothing beats the luxuries of passive income, which is a recurring income. Consider that you have a blog, or a course that you are teaching on Udemy. Once you put in the effort, you will notice the money starts rolling with constant averages on a weekly/monthly basis. This is what your prime focus should be in the long run. You then

I am sharing some of the most interesting and scam-free methods of generating income online herein. These fall in both, active and passive income generation:

Google Adsense: The first and the easiest (not really ;))

If online income has anything to do with effort, Google Adsense comes in. This is the first, I’d rather say, THE platform for some of the best bloggers, freelancers, youtubers out there. Sign up for your FREE adsense account and set up a Youtube channel, a blog, etc. Start developing and publishing high quality content on a specific niche. As time moves on, you would notice that your blog starts getting indexed and organic traffic. Relevant ads are displayed on your website automatically, based upon the location of visitors, and your website content by Google. The more webpage views, the better the earnings.

Publishing books on Amazon Kindle

When was the last time you heard someone saying Amazon was a giant river? The immense internet giant has its own platform by the name of Kindly Direct Publishing platform. When 18 year old bloggers like Thomas Strock can rack in over $6,000 in a month alone from book sales, why can’t you? Kindle is a platform by Amazon that provides creative marketers and copywriters an amazing opportunity to get published for unique, high quality content and get paid, all in the format of good quality ebooks that can be digitally downloaded.

Youtube: The video giant.

Many sites have come, a bit stayed, but most gone, yet nothing could beat, or even compete with Youtube, the world’s leading video sharing website. Youtube provides a partner sharing program under which you can earn up to $7 per 1000 views. Youtube has given rise and is now home to internet rockstars like PewDieDie Seems too difficult right? But focus on having high quality content that gets viral. For example, you may have the love of making tutorials for topics such as technology, gadgets, beauty, engineering, mechanics, or what not! Possibilities are literally endless, especially when you see people making over $1 million dollars in a year. Now that’s what I call real money 🙂

Squidoo’s dead, because Hubpages ate it!

Article sites like Ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com are great, but they do not allow authors to earn a slice of income from their own shares! Aaargh! Not to worry though, Hubpages and Squidoo are two excellent resources for you to get noticed as a writer and publish quality, no no, i mean, very high quality content because you are getting directly in a very tough competition with hundreds of thousands of articles published on a daily basis. So, you really got to stand out with your content. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Hubpages acquired Squidoo, so now you have one better, big, and giant resource to share your article on. Hubpages is a premium resource for food lovers, online marketers, and experts in their respective fields to share their experiences with unique content and earn handsome income using Google Adsense and Hubpages own ad income program.

Build and sell your own iOS/Android app

This is another great way of earning money online. Unfortunately, it disappoints me to see how people having no knowledge of English flock in as writers claiming “they ares best writer.” (See the grammar…) Yes! That is how they say it. Content writing is technical, but anyone can actually get a good grip over English language and start earning money by writing good content. However, not all content writers are equal. Similarly, it isn’t really possible to become a good iOS app developer. 30 people in a computer classroom may be well-equipped to write an article that passes the standards of online publishing, but hardly a few could pass the standards of being a certified iOS developer. The technicalities of developing an iOS or Android app are far higher than writing quality content, and hence these developers are paid far more than the so-called self-acclaimed writers. Apple introduced Swift in late 2014, and it is a new programming language that is easier than Objective C. iOS app rockstar developers like Nick Walter not only successfully earned over $66,000 on Kickstarter, but also has thousands of students enrolled in iOS app development and swift training course on Udemy. If he can do it, why can’t you? Start building your apps today and earn money. You will learn how to build apps from scratch and become an app developer.

Elance: The online office

If someone were to ask me the “go-to-platform” for making money freelancing, I’d say “Elance.” One word answer that is more than enough for all questions. I run my company account with the name of Blossom Media on Elance, and have already earned over $1300 in just 4 months of joining it. As I said earlier, nothing happens overnight, you are likely to find huge competition in every category. However, once you join Elance, you can subscribe to any one category to send proposals on projects. Over time, you will realize how professional this platform is for making good money for what you love to do. On average, a top content development company “Words You Want” on Elance earns over $450,000 in 1 year. Fair enough! That speaks for itself 😉

Freelancer: The other Elance

Freelancer.com, is yet another great and exciting method of earning money online. Not only is it more economical in terms of Elance, but also gives you a wide array of options to choose your categories and start placing bids. Ideally, it is suggested to make over 100 bids in one day so that there are good chances of receiving a response from at least 5 different projects. I am on Freelancer.com and you can join here by the referral link.

Fiverr: The $5 giant

I am a big fan of Fiverr. I never heard about it. Just joined accidentally, but I was totally blown away when fiverr top rated sellers were actually earning handsome amount, which was reflected in their true stories. Fiverr income has helped one of the sellers to own his own house. A sweet couple unable to give birth to a child, can now enjoy happiness by adopting one, through Fiverr’s income. Not yet impressed? Head over to their blog to check out these stories.

Blogging on your own website

This is like setting up your own shop, and promoting it by putting in efforts. The same goes with a blog. Your blog is your personal space. Use it any way that you want. Set up your website in a niche and develop an identity for yourself by writing high quality content on a regular basis. You can then cash in on your authority using various platforms such as Fiverr, Elance, Amazon Associates, etc.

Instagram: Selling printed photos for profits

Instagram does not provide you with a platform specifically to make money, however it is up to your creativity and shrewdness on how you use it to generate income. Photographers like Daniel Arnold have earned over $15,000 in one day via his Instagram account. He sold his high quality pictures in print format and was blown away when he received orders that became difficult for him to complete. So if you think you have unique photography skills, and can take amazing photos of subjects and objects, then Instagram is perfect for you. If you have already been using Instagram as a photo-sharing platform and you think your photos are of top-notch quality, you may go ahead and see if luck favors you by advertising your photo-prints.

Amazon Associates: Earn commissions on sales

Amazon provides yet another exciting platform, the Amazon Associates, specifically designed for bloggers and writers. If your blog has good online presence with some authority in your niche, you can earn handsome amount of money in commissions from Amazon Associates. Just place the link on your website and once your readers start buying products from your referral links, earnings start pouring in.

Udemy: From your course, let others learn, while you earn!

Needless to say, there are hungry to-be website developers, iOS app developers, Android developers, and other hot newcomers that are willing to pay hefty amounts to experts for teaching a specific course. This is where Udemy comes in. Plan, sign up, and teach in your expertise. Whether you are a developer, designer, a marketer, you will notice a number of people that are willing to learn from the skills that you have. Remember what the late Heath Ledger said in The Dark Knight?

If you are good at something, don’t do it for free!

That is enough to stress on the importance of selling your skills and earning handsome income out of it. Sell your course on Udemy and start earning good income while doing what you love to do.

Flippa: Create a profitable website and sell it

Flippa is a big blessing for anyone who has expertise in setting up new websites, creating quality content, monetizing and then selling! Flippa takes 10% of whatever you earn by selling your website, but that doesn’t hurt a bit if you are getting a good sales price of your website. Many new comers have been successful and there are people who have earned over $50,000 solely by setting up websites, monetizing them and selling them on Flippa. Many freelancers and online entrepreneurs now consider Flippa as a regular, and full time business for themselves.

PayPal: Sell your services

Paypal is one of the best ways that you can use to earn money online. It is one of the first and the largest payment gateway with the best protection available. So, if you are going to sell your services as a SEO consultant, marketing consultant, designer, writer, blogger, or developer, you can use paypal to receive money. Beware that many scammers will order your services, pay you through paypal and then hit you with a charge back. So, be very clear about it and do your research before falling into prey hands!

Kontera: Monetize content with in-line ads

Kontera is similar to Google Adsense and growing in popularity given the fact that it is easier to set up and places relevant ads in regards to the content written on the website. Once set up, the in-text ads will start showing up automatically. Some certain keywords in your content will start getting hyperlinked to advertisements.


Regardless of the method that you choose, nothing, I mean nothing, is more important than staying focused, consistent and dedicated. Once dedication and consistency are present, you can earn a constant stream of revenue in the long run.