3 things you need to remember about link building efforts

After Post Panda/Penguin search era, link building hasn’t lost the importance yet. In fact, healthy and quality link building is still considered a pivotal part for search engine rankings, provided that the site is following strict SEO standards.

But long down the road, there seems to be confusion for internet marketing companies as to what types of backlinks are good enough for rankings?

Blog postings?

Guest Posting?

Forum posting?

Blog commenting?

Link exchanging?

The continuous change in SEO link building standards has left many companies and clients confusing as to what EXACTLY is the BEST link building practice?

To settle down the dust, I have started this New Year with great link building tips! Trust me, these aren’t those crappy “buy thousands of backlinks for $4.99!” types of offers! These are genuine and hard ways to earning stable reputation long ahead! So here you go:

1. Infographics, the next era of backlinking! If there was one thing that could always get your brand name exposed online in qualitative manner, then that would be Infographics, the new method of sharing information. I believe the trend was noticed in late 2011 and since then witnessed immense growth! Infographics are creative, visual cliparts, graphics, and images created with the distribution of information that can be categorized in digestive parts. 1000 words of a LONG article can be EASILY shrunk in just one infographic with visual arts and bullet points. With every image, you post a link at the end of it. That means a guaranteed exposure. If your infographic gets viral and published over several blogs, there are high changes of you securing several backlinks.

2. Guest posting, the art of gaining exposure as a guest – Guest posting is a highly targeted and beneficial link building tactic used by many professional bloggers. Not only you get your name exposed on a reputable site, but also get targeted traffic and backlinks. You always stay safe as being a unique guest blogger because people can frequently anticipate your blogging on other websites. However, it is important to choose the right blog, the right blogger, and the right topic to blog on.

3. Link exchange, can you help me? Unlike what many expert internet marketers think, I believe that link exchanging wisely, is a right link building tactic for every webmaster. There is no harm in asking links, make sure that your website doesn’t resemble a link farm. A fitness blogger can only exchange links with another fitness blogger, or perhaps a weight loss website providing low-calorie recipes. However he/she isn’t allowed to exchange links with an unrelated niche, such as forex, investments, etc.

No matter how strong your rankings are, you still need to have good quality back links from reputable websites. Let me know how you have made up a link building plan for your website in 2013! Sound off in comments.