Let us face it; myths are as old as the universe itself. When it comes to online marketing, there are no exceptions either. Facebook and the blogosphere is full of myths, but our focus isn’t to discuss those right now. We need to get into the right plan and talk about the myths about facebook marketing circulating online.

With Facebook reaching a saturation point, there is no doubt that it has become the most preferred choice for internet marketing. Instead of sending an email, we are now taken over by an FB private message. Pick up a brand name and you would find it on Facebook!

Brands and FB users are constantly posting interesting content in order to get quality traffic for their blogs & websites. Unfortunately that has led to distortion of interests. Here are some myths that I wanted to share for Facebook Marketing:

1. Facebook stays the same

No it doesn’t! Nothing is permanent but change! We cannot even assume that social media marketing is staying constant! The increase and decrease of readers is in the range of 5% to 40% according to a report published by Marketing Land. Facebook is in complete control of its own network and would constantly evolve it in order to keep abreast the social media revolution.

2. Facebook Marketing is FREE!

No it isn’t! Who told you? Now that Facebook has gone public, it needs to get heavy funding through advertising revenue. As far as Google Plus is concerned, Google is already earning big chunk of their revenues using Adwords for search. As such there is no need of adding ads in the sidebar streams of Google Plus.

Facebook is constantly finding out new ways of satisfying its stakeholders who have invested in this firm and in order to do so, the social media giant needs to monetize it self to keep paying the hosting bills, server maintenance costs, wages & salaries of staff. Instagram is perhaps going to be the next stop of monetization for Facebook.

3. Your Facebook account is yours

No it isn’t Trust me, if Facebook wanted, it could have charged a monthly rent to host your account just like website hosting companies do. The fact is that you are being allocated free space on Facebook. Nothing is yours. Your images, videos, status updates are all stored by Facebook’s secure servers. Even if you delete your multimedia content, it still remains safe with the company’s servers.

Just to tell you that “The Cool Hunter” had its Facebook page with 700,000 fans got shutdown by Facebook as a curb of fighting copyright issues. The Cool Hunter witnessed over 10% traffic downfall in their website after their page got shut down. The problem with brands is that they have to constantly use royalty-free material that doesn’t violate copyright issues. Facebook isn’t looking at your fans, what it is looking at is how well you keep you marketing strategy aligned with that of the social media giant.

4. Your content is yours to be controlled

No way! That is lame. With over 300 million pics getting uploaded daily, Facebook has become the biggest content directory for the world. Read the terms and conditions of this social media giant and you’d know that nothing is yours. Everything is owned by Facebook once it gets uploaded to your account. Still people treat Facebook as their private backup!

Where do you see yourself now?

That is the question to ask. Keep reading the ever-changing TOC of Facebook and make sure you don’t violate any rules and regulations in order to be safe online.

Yasir Saeed

A tech enthusiast, blogger and all things tech geek, I am Yasir Saeed from Pakistan, somewhere in my mid 20's. I write how-to-guides and other tech topics for you on my personal blog at yasirsaeed.com.