4 tips of writing compelling blog post titles

Let me be very clear on it, if your opening statement and title of your blog posts aren’t compelling nature, your content is least likely to be read no matter how good it is written. You would be wasting your time on a blog post that has little to no chances of being read until you really are an online brand that people die to read about.

Regular blogging is what drives more than 50% of targeted traffic as compared to a website having no blogging efforts at all. Regular blogging indexes your website faster than your competitors and the higher the rate of indexing, the better the ranking and the traffic. As such, the title of your blog post has a big impact upon the bounce rate of your website.

I am highlighting 4 important points that I have learned the hard way for blogging. Make sure that your posts are being read by following these important tips:

1. Ask Questions

Have you ever stumbled upon an article and wanted to finish it right all the way to where it ends? Perhaps something attention-grabbing? Questions in the title engage your potential readers and in order to find out the answer, they would definitely read your blog post. For example, a good question could be 5 reasons why your blogging is in cold waters.What possible reasons could sink a blog in cold waters? For those who want to be successful bloggers, would really love to read this blog post.

2. Mention researched facts & figures

Regular blogging generates over 50% quality traffic as compared to websites without a blog.

This is a factual statement and entices your reader to read the entire blog post. The statistics pull in visitors who are interested in reading well-researched content on their problems. It is a good way of getting targeted traffic to any blog. Facts and figures also establish credibility of your blog posts when it comes to organic search engine rankings.

3. Important tips(s) mentioned in the title

My blog post currently says “4 tips of writing compelling blog post titles.” I have mentioned the number of tips in my title, which is lucrative as compared to “Writing compelling blog posts.” Make sure that you list the number of points, tips or advantages/disadvantages in the title to lure target audience toward your blog.

4. Creating quality content

It goes without saying that attractive titles attract your target audience, but what keeps them reading your article depends upon ho well you have written it. Does it contain helpful information for your readers? The amount of effort injected in your blog posts, should be shown in your blog posts. Your readers have become very tech savvy than they used to be. They can tell in an instant whether you wrote the blog post just to fill up your blog or you actually did sit down, researched material and wrote interesting piece of information.

I want to know your views on this post. Let me know what method you use to get targeted readers.