So, finally, you have thought of blogging. You just bought a domain and got your website hosted on your favorite CMS platform. With hot cup of coffee (Oh yes, It is winters these days ;)) in your hand and nice weather outside, you are confronted with a big challenge

“Blank post, what do I write?

Blogging ideas

There are millions of blogs out there. Why would anyone want to read yours? Have you tried answering this question? Don’t worry. Same happened with me when I started blogging. When you have a new blog, just pick an interesting topic and think about long term positive effects of blogging. Unfortunately, many new bloggers come, start blogging and leave just within a few days blaming that “the blog is not generating any traffic.” That is more like saying “Nobody is coming to my new shop so I am closing it down!” Have you heard of any shopkeeper or entrepreneur hearing this statement? It takes a while for customers to notice a new mall, store, or shop in the area. Similarly, you would want the same attention for your blog, which would take lot more time than simply a shop and for this, you need to continue blogging on your preferred topics.

If you ever had been struggling like me to get traffic to a new blog, then you got to read the entire post. Here are some tips in short:

1. Pick a niche and focus on it

Yes, that is very important. Many bloggers keep blogging on some lame, weird topics having no link with each other. You should establish yourself as a brand in a specific niche. Research the market and find out what people are looking for. Some of the hottest trending topics, in NO specific order are:

  • Blogging tips
  • Technology companies & news
  • SEO tips
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Savings
  • Love, marriage & relationships
  • Earning money online

You cannot start a blog on Blogging tips and start talking about car racing, relationships, financial advice, etc. It just won’t match. Since seo, social media and blogging are co-related, you can focus on these sub topics and develop an identity in your selected niche. Research on your topics and write everything your own way.

2. Consistency

Nothing is of as paramount importance as consistency. This is because search engines and your possible audience need time to stick to your blog. Once they find out you aren’t updating on regular basis, no visitor would ever visit your blog. Never think about the short-term results, instead always focus on how blogging can benefit you as an individual and as a company.

3. Networking

The stronger the networking, the higher the traffic. Build a Facebook page, Google profile, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile to start sharing your content. Not only your content would be indexed at a faster rate than non-socially bookmarked content, but you would also be spreading the word about your website. Gradually, your visitors would start developing trust in you.

4. Blog Commenting

Who says blog commenting is dead? With several algorithmic changes taking place, blog commenting has not been the same as it was ages ago. Mostly considered as a spamming technique, if used the right way, blog commenting could generate huge targeted traffic for your newly established blog. Comment on top 5 to 10 blogs in yoru niche and make sure to be quick commenting on a new topic. Subscribe to existing leading blogs and whenever a new article gets published, read it thoroughly, and make your own positive comments about that piece of information. Be certain though, that following types of comments are considered as spam and would definitely get you banned for sure:

Hey, nice article there

Wow! That is a good piece of information. I would try doing it too

That sounds absurd. That in fact, isn’t a comment at all. You need to be more descriptive and focused in nature mentioning the details and major points about the post you have read. A good comment on my blog post could be:

Nice post there Yasir. I always had the problem of networking and posting consistently on my blog. I have my own FB profile. Do I need a dedicated FB page too?

Now that comment adds value to the blog post. I have started my own FB page and getting good traffic from there.

5. Focus on your blog first, and then guest post

Prime objective of guest posting is of getting targeted traffic to your new blog. But why would visitors come to your blog when it isn’t filled with quality content? Unless you have 50+ posts on your blog, I personally wouldn’t recommend you guest posting on other blogs. Moreover, there is a strict criteria of guest posting. You need to be experienced in creating blog posts so get that experience from your own blog. Once you create 50+ posts, get read to guest posting by search for top blogs in your niche and requesting the webmasters of those blogs. Make sure that you submit unique content for other blogs with a link back to your website.

Yasir Saeed

A tech enthusiast, blogger and all things tech geek, I am Yasir Saeed from Pakistan, somewhere in my mid 20's. I write how-to-guides and other tech topics for you on my personal blog at