We all know that in order to sustain competitive edge in blogosphere, we have to provide unique solutions, unique content or something that is really desirable to our audience. When you write words your way, you know you have the power to attract your targeted audience. But how to retain that special attention?

Content Readability

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What could go wrong? Perhaps you want to attend English classes? Want to polish up your writing skills? Yes, but not really a 100% perfect answer.

Since there are millions of blogs out there, the fact is that nearly 80% of the visitors scan through the content and hence do not read every single line of your blog post.

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and make decisions. What would you do if you didn’t find what you were looking for? You would immediately close that web page.

Many people think that they can apply the basic English learning skills from their classrooms on their blogs and be successful. Writing for the web is an ever-complex phenomena, which requires time and effort to keep up to.

Based upon my personal experience of blogging and freelance article writing for a myriad of clients, here is what I have learned:

1. Divide long content into a series of blog posts

There is no one size fits all. Moreover, you can’t shoot entire information about a topic in one blog post. Didn’t I just tell that people SCAN through your content? If you have a long topic such as “Recovering from Google Panda update” or “How to be a successful blogger”, it is possible that these could not fit in one post. Break them up in a series of 5, 10, 15 or more posts. This way you can get unique content for your blog, which is easily understood by your target audience.

2. Coming up with compelling opening titles

I did a post couple of days back on 4 tips of writing compelling post titles which shares how you can get snappy post titles that captures attention of your target audience. This is perhaps the first thing that your visitors look upon to, so make sure that you have a good title.

3. Good opening

The opening is the most important part of your post right after the title. It should be a crux of your entire blog post. In short, a conclusion or a question that engages the reader to read your entire blog post in quest of the answer he/she is looking for. A good opening statement for a blog post on “How to get targeted traffic to a new blog” could be “Just started a blog, making posts daily, and not getting targeted traffic? Worry not! It happened with me too, just read on and you’ll know what you need to do.”

4. Use subheadings to divide content

Many people in fact don’t read content, but look for subheadings to see how well it is written by the blogger. Use subheadings to stand out different ideas in your post so that your content is interesting and engaging to be read by your target audience.

5. Use bullet or numbering lists

If there are tips you want to share in the article, make sure you use the bullet and/or numbered list so that your readers can quickly skim through what your content is all about. For example, here are some possible reasons to create bullet lists

  • They are easy to scan
  • They are quickly understood by your target audience
  • They look visually more appealing than other content

6. Use internal linking to link your current content with old blog posts

If you have read through point #2 and #3, you would know that I have inter linked my old blog posts in this article. Not only this keeps my old content from dying, but I also manage to make strong internal linking, an integral part of search engine rankings.

There are many experts who say that internal linking is better than inbound linking. Make sure that you have researched your topic well, and not only inter link but also provide external links to other experts in your niche. This shows your credibility as a blogger who gives recognition to other experts. Admit it, you never are an ultimate authority on your niche. There are many experts that are better than you.

7. Use some on-page and off-page SEO techniques to rank your content

SEO is an integral part of your blogging efforts, but it shouldn’t be over-done or you could get banned by search engines. I stumbled upon a great post by Matt Smith on onlineincometeacher.com regarding 8 great on-page seo techniques. I would suggest you all reading it and getting basic understanding of seo.

I want to know how you make your content readable. Do share in comments below!

Yasir Saeed

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