How to Add Share Via WhatsApp Button on Your WordPress Website for Traffic

We got to admit it. We are now hooked to social media with an ever-increasing usage of our target audience using smartphones. So what’s in it for us now? How can bloggers take advantage of mobile usage? In order to get traffic, it is important to use all possible mediums to your website. There have been enough posts already on the internet about social media sharing plugins for wordpress.

Let us shift our focus today to the hottest messaging app of all time, WhatsApp. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for a grand sum of $16 billion, which is the largest acquisition ever in tech todate. I don’t further have to stress upon the importance of using this app for sharing links. We can now take benefit of this app by setting up a Share via WhatsApp button on your WordPress website. This could go in your added advantage as it could help boost traffic and get your content viral easily across mobile users.

According to a popular portal Buzzfeed, they are receiving much better response in shares and traffic through WhatsApp as compared to FB, Twitter and other social media platforms. The figures were so astonishing that Buzzfeed President Jon Steinberg said:

Every time we looked at WhatsApp’s numbers, it blew us away

Now that is the power of a simple mobile messaging app, which has taken over social media platforms. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp can really popularize your content and make it viral, much better than Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a step by step guide on how to add the WhatsApp sharing button on your WordPress site:

  1. Download Mobile share bar plugin and install it as follows. Please note that so far it only supports integration for iOS and only shows on your webpage when viewed right through an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  2. Once activated, head over to Settings and make changes. It should be simple enough. Under Button Texts you can enable or disable Facebook and Twitter sharing options. You can also make changes to the WhatsApp Share Text with a specific format. If you want to shorten up your URL, then provide the login access to Bitly, which is a free and powerful URL shortening service. Under Display Settings, choose where you want it to be displayed and on which pages/posts. Once you are done, just click Save Changes.

  3. Clear your WP cache and refresh your browser. Most importantly, get an access to iPhone and point to your website to see if it works. Here is how my site looks:

Works fine on my site

Limitation with Mobile ShareBar

Currently it only supports iOS and in the future I hope to see it for Android phones too since there is a growing usage of Android phones too. Let me know how this small tweak works for your website 🙂