Attention Bloggers! What 14 things to know to start a WordPress blog?

It has been nearly 5 months since 2015 has started, but what is your resolution for this year? Do you have a blog or want to start one with the trends?

Are you passionate about starting a new WordPress blog, but confused?

Congratulations, you are reading the right post!

Blogging isn’t a one-day shoot at the stars and land at the moon strategy. Some of the most successful bloggers that you see today, such as Taimur Asad (Owner of, Jeff Bullas (Owner of, and Rand Fishkin (Owner of, Harsh Agarwal (Owner of sacrificed their time and injected efforts in developing a strong brand identity. They have worked tirelessly day in and day out to follow their passion and earn consistent income. They have now built an ever lasting brand that is nearly impossible to beat. But off course, with that being said, they deserve such respect!

Now is the time for them to sit back, relax and sell their premium advice, that will be blindly followed by newbies and experts alike.

Let us get started with starting a blog in 2015.

Please note that I am an affiliate marketer for some of the links provided herein. If you purchase through them, I will get a commission at NO extra charges to you. While I do not force you to make purchases, I only promote offers that are viable for my dear readers. I would highly appreciate you supporting me by purchasing through these links. In fact, the benefit that you get by purchasing through these links is that I will personally provide FREE consultancy on starting up a new WordPress Blog and optimizing it.

New bloggers are confused and I often get emails from my readers asking the following questions:

“When do I start a blog”

What would be the right niche?

“When to blog?”

“Should I use WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.?

“How many words should each blog post have?

“What would be the preferred marketing medium?”

“How to make money through my blog? i.e. Adsense, affiliate?”

“Should I start a blog on my own domain or buy a premium keyword-rich domain?”

The answer to these questions isn’t filling in one-word or one-sentence. You need to make sure to start the learning process to start up a new blog. In short, you need to be consistent. Whether you post daily, or on a weekly basis, nothing beats consistency!

Entrepreneurs! Now is the time to start blogging. It is never too late to do anything!

1. Nothing beats a self-hosted WordPress blog

The best thing to do right now is to sign up for a shared hosting plan and install WordPress. This ensures that WordPress is self-hosted on your blog/website. Think about it this way. Instead of getting something for free, you get benefits for things that you pay for. And today, there are over 20% blogs powered by WordPress all over the web. That is a significant number for a number of successful blogs and websites running on the WordPress platform. You will always be limited with what you can do through a free WordPress blog. Get a self-hosted right now!

Get started with WordPress! Use the one click install to start that Blog you’ve always wanted! I strongly recommend HostGator for all WordPress blogs

2. Picture speaks louder than words

This is something I am poor at. I am now in the process of redesigning my blog, which represents my identity. So I am now going to be including my high-res pictures and as well as stock photos to increase traffic and make my blog viral.

Nothing beats visual content. Pinterest and Facebook are already going visual. This is something that needs not to be mentioned. The new flat and minimalistic visual design is in trending these days, which is attention-grabbing in every aspect.

3. Consistency and Continuance

If some of the most famous bloggers are earning 5 or 6 digit figures today, it took them years of hard work, struggle, failures and hit and trial methods to reach to this point. They had been consistent in their efforts and continued on this consistency. They knew that one day they will be successful regardless of their fears and failures.

4. Don’t let that visitor leave your website. Grab them now! 

Mailing list is like a regular stream of traffic and income to your blog from the most loyal traffic in the world. Mailing list helps you grow your subscribers. Use opt in forms to grab new members off of your website and send them periodic reminders and newsletters that will keep them driving to your website.

Mailing list has traffic that is loyal and can earn provide you with a handsome amount of income in terms of ad sales and affiliate commissions.

The basic idea of having a mailing list is to stay safe from social media algorithms and Google updates that regularly take place without any intimation to the general public. You never know what would happen and at this point in time, even if you search engine rankings crumble, you will still have the safe edge by having a mailing list and getting traffic from there. This ensures that you have at least some loyal traffic to your website in case something goes wrong.

5. Write, but better than other

Do you know that for every niche, you will find hundreds of thousands, in fact millions of websites? All of them are trying to post unique content and getting to the top of search engine results. That means, you have millions of other competitors to compete with and that is a hell of a job if you do not write consistently.

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter. The one to reach to the top will have excellent have grip on social media marketing, SEO, and the best content.

I can talk with confidence that EVERY blog post that you are going to write about has been already written in the past by other bloggers having high quality rankings and social media followings.

So, you may ask, what is the point then of writing a new blog post?

My answer: Do you have good research skills? Do you think you can write better than others? Do you have your own point of view to write about? Then what is stopping you??

The topic is the same and so is the content. What matters is in-depth content research, taking an inspiration of what your competitors have written and then coming up with posts with YOUR own analysis. It is YOU who matters. Google LOVES YOUR CONTENT! So if there is no YOU in the content, there is no worth getting it published. YOUR experiences, YOUR knowledge and YOUR analysis is all that matters.

Use tools like Google Keywords Tool found in the Adwords Dashboard and look for the keywords people are searching for. Use long tail keywords and come up with in-depth content trying to solve a problem. You will notice a reduction in the bounce rate of your website.

Information that helps readers solve their problem, or provide them with guidance are the one required for long term rankings and earnings of your website!

6. Do in-depth research and write long content

Gone were the days when 500 words blog post were enough. 500 words hardly solve any problems or issues your readers may be having. This current post is well over 3,000 words. I could have simply divided it in to 5 to 7 posts averaging 500 words each, but it is the quality that matters. I made a post last week about Who lost in Facebook’s recent algorithmic updates? It took me a few more days to conduct research and write this blog post.

Why am I going through the extra pain of writing a 2,500+ word blog post?

Answer: To develop credibility of my website and signal Google that I conduct research and write user-friendly content!

A blog post of 500 words just disappears into the existing crowd. Hardly a few bloggers have the courage, patience and stamina to write for the audience and search engines alike. To be like them, write like them. Write longer content, which has several benefits:

  1. Lower bounce rate of your website
  2. Search engines consider your website as a reliable source of information and gradually considers you an authority in your niche.
  3. Longer content helps you to get indexed better than your competitors.

Two of my favorite bloggers are Neil Patel and Ramsay and the best thing about their blog posts is that they write tirelessly with complete dedication, passion and effort. They spend hours researching and then coming up with long posts. None of the posts you read over at their blogs is going to be shorter than 2000 words. It took me 4 days to write this post! Just imagine the time I had to inject in 😉 That is why each one of their blog posts trigger intelligent discussions and user-generated content. Don’t worry. This is also going to be another tip I’d be sharing in this blog post.

Neil Patel has already discussed in details the importance of long content.

Nothing to brag about, have a look at the importance Google is giving to long content after launching the in-depth articles section on their search results.

7. Promote your content

While it is true that you need time and effort to write quality content, what must not be forgotten is that you need the same for promoting it too.

Writing high quality blog posts and not promoting it is the same like teaching to an empty classroom with only chairs. You have great piece of advice, but no one to listen and no one to follow.

But Yasir, it costs a lot of money to promote!

Who says you need to break a bank to advertise on social media? Say thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. Create an add boosting your facebook post or your website and start from as low as just $5! You will immediately notice the after effects and you can then do the hit and trial method to reach an optimum user count for your website! Spending as much as $30 for your website isn’t too much. Consider it as a long-term investment that will bring in visitors and targeted traffic to your website.

For my Pakistani bloggers, you have a good news! You can now use Geo-targeting feature in Pakistan! Select a city of your choice and run your ad to make sure that only your targeted audience sees it.

Bloggers have now started promoting their blog posts. It is simple! You do not promote, you are lost! You just need to be careful with the budget and timings depending upon your niche.

In my niche, I have many local competitors from Pakistan that I need to compete and it is needless to say that I need to be better than them in order to compete with international competitors like Moz.

I will teach you how to create a facebook ad campaign. In fact I have a video that I will upload soon!

8. Google+ is not a waste…yet!

While Facebook is important, it has reached to a point of saturation where it may become the 2nd choice for promoting viral content. Google is ruling the search engine market so you should follow up with a Google+ account.

Get Google Authorship and have a picture of yours shown up next to your content, which is immensely helpful in ranking your website content.

When Google+ grows, there are high chances of your posts shown up in the search results, which means traffic to your website.

9. Make a response website.

Roll up your sleeves. Hire a web development company or purchase a premium WordPress responsive theme. Mobile search is going to outdo desktop search by 2016, but the fact is that even today at least 30% of the traffic is generated from smartphones and tablets. Moreover, Google has rolled out a new algorithm named as #mobilegeddon specifically designed for websites that are NOT responsive for mobile phones and tablets.

If your site is not responsive, get it done now. Google hardly warns for any search engine algo update but this time it is all set to warn you about the potential consequences like lost rankings and traffic if your website isn’t responsive!

Here is a great post on how mobilegeddone update has affected sites even after 1 week!

10. Focus on your health

As stated by Tim Cook, CEO Apple:

Sitting is the new cancer

Nothing wrong with it. Sitting for prolonged period of time leads to serious illness and diseases. Focus on your health. Turn off your laptop, and get out for a walk. Take control of your diet. Do frequent walking. Stop using elevators and start using stairs. Walk as much as you can. Every 1 hour, get up from your seat and walk around.

11. Keep your site safe

Regardless of the sky rocketing claims of internet security companies, every website is at a risk of getting hacked. Don’t ignore it. Identity theft, credit card theft and a whole lot of nasty issues that you do not want to get into are still common these days, despite having the best security.

No one is safe in today’s digital era.

Keep regular backup copies of your blogs, ecommerce sites, and websites to Dropbox, Google Drive, or companies specializing in website backup and security services. Your data should be safe at all times!

12. Diversify your income. Do not put all eggs in one basket!

That is what wise folks say and that is the exact reason why investment and wealth managers get heavily paid for advising their clients on the right investment strategies. The logic is simple: do not put all your eggs in one basket. What if the basket breaks? You lose all your eggs!

Now that we are in midway 2015, you should be looking for more diversified income source from various sources like, Elance, Fiverr, Affiliate marketing, product sales, services, etc. You never know what the next major update could hit you with!

For example if you are solely relying on Adsense for income, you never know when the next algo update would kill your site’s income and you are back to zero! Instead, have some backup plans in tact.

13. Buy blogs with due diligence

Flippa is the way to buy and sell blogs. But wait! There are a number of fraudsters and scammers. Make sure to analyze each website carefully and look at the history of verified earnings and traffic. If you are skeptical about the sudden dip in traffic or income, ask about it with the website owner and if he tries to beat around the bush, simply do not buy it!

An investment in blog is going to surely repay you in the later years.

14. Seo will be nearly dead, but not completely dead

SEO is not yet dead, but you need to use content marketing techniques and actually spend some money to not only get traffic but also income!

SEO has changed with the flood of Google’s algorithmic updates and it is never going to be the same age-old techniques of meta keywords, H1/H2 tags, keyword density, blah blah blah!

Readers today demand fresh and high quality content and this is the demand by all search engines. you have to write and produce fresh content on a daily basis. There is no way you can succeed in blogging! Blogging SEO is in fact all about writing fresh content and then creating a loyal targeted audience!

How can I help you in blogging journey of 2015?

I would really be grateful to my readers and know their response regarding this blog post and their planning on 2015. How would you want to see me teach you? What are your thoughts?