I am neither the informer, nor anyone having an authority to get you hired at Google or else I would have been working at Google. Honestly speaking, it is my dream job to work at world’s one of the most-sought after IT companies. However, it is not an easy task to get a job at this company.

On the average, 1 million resumes are received by this Tech Giant each year, out of which, not more than 0.04% get selected, which is around 6,000 new recruits per year. Every candidate has to pass through Google’s extensive interviewing, brainstorming testing process. Unlike other companies, Google doesn’t rely on simple job related questions. Many questions asked by Google are not something that you might expect in another interview. Google pays more emphasis on talent rather than skills for new recruits. Shared here is a small infographics on how this Tech Giant hires new recruits each year:

Get a job at google


Yasir Saeed

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