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Learn my proven step-by-step success formula on Freelancing that has enabled me to charge premium rates and make a great career online on

Yes, You too can earn over $1,500 a month by doing what you LOVE on by following my Freelance Training Course. I am confident about it because I have done it. During my course of 5+ years freelancing, I have gone from charging low rates to premium rates for quality work. I know this success formula works because it has worked for me time and again. and it can work for you too!

And there are proofs.

For example, take a look at the following snapshots of my reviews and feedback from clients:

Oh yes, not to forget, I started off WITHOUT any formal experience of freelancing whatsoever.

There are two ways to make money on

1. Bid as low as possible on ALL projects in a desperate attempt to win and still get underpaid. Yet, freelancers rarely get hired through this route. Freelancers charging rock bottom rates would give you their OWN logical reasons of charging low rates, such as:

“Yasir, there is too much competition on Freelancer. The clients are worried about rates and I fear that high prices would drive them away! I do not find high paying clients on the website. Yasir, I have been bitten up by a number of clients who ran away with my work and did not pay me.”

BUT, they all are mistaken herein. The fact is, these so-called “experts” tend to charge low rates because they have a fear of having the project awarded to someone else. As a result, they are playing the game called Freelancing, totally wrong..

2. Working with a proven formula that focuses on developing professional relationships with clients to earn repeat work.

Fortunately, I work as a professional contractor and charge premium prices whenever I want. Freelancers that tend to follow MY way end up getting more work from clients that value work rather than money. The fact is, BIDDING on all projects is NOT a solution to increase freelance income. What matters is HOW you place bids and provide a great proposal to clients that CANNOT be rejected. Freelancers that tend to follow a proven formula end up getting premium rates from premium clients. is MORE than Just a great source of income…

It is a career.

I have managed to land repeated jobs with NO networking…NO emails…NO blogging…No social media marketing…  Thanks to, I have managed to maintain a lifestyle that a 9-5 can only dream of. And NOW is the right time you deserve this lifestyle too!

Now available: My Secret Freelance Training Course

Instilled with my experience of 5 years, here is a PREMIUM Freelancing Training Course that you can take to earn money freelancing, increase your income, get more projects and work at premium rates. With over 8 hours of premium content, you learn everything required to become a professional freelancer.

Session 1: WHY Freelancing for you?

In this session, I will teach what is freelancing and why it is an excellent source of income apart from being a great career. You need to know what benefits are associated with Freelancing and what is the history of this field, how great writers and designers have chosen freelancing rather than working on a full time job.

Session 2 – Making a freelance mindset, setting up your time and understanding

Before working as a freelancer, you need to understand what it requires to become one. You need to understand the mindset of freelancer, and learn to set up your time and schedule to be divided up among various projects. You will also learn the terms and conditions of working as a Freelancer on such as maintaining communication on site, helping others

Session 3 – Setting up profile, skills and membership options

It is not rocket science to understand why most of the freelancers just do OKAY, whereas a handful of them have more work to handle even at premium rates. Why is that? Learn important principles in this session of showcasing yourself as an expert. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words! This means you even have to take care of little details such as your profile picture, and qualifications. Learn why some of the best clients are ready to pay premium to some freelancers whereas other freelancers end up getting low paying jobs! I am a preferred Freelancer on and learn how you can also become a Preferred Freelancer with Recruiters sending you messages to bid on projects.

Session 4 – The right jobs, the right way

Simply bidding on all projects isn’t going to make you rich. Not every project is worthy to be noticed. Many projects are so low paying that you will get demotivated and bored by working with those clients, who have the mentality of getting the work done without paying anything.

The simple answer is: Effective bidding. You need to filter out the right projects and bid with a custom proposal so that it stands out. Learn why copying pasting bids on all projects does NOT work. Learn in  my freelance training course how you can place effective bids using my strategy that stands out even when there are over 60 proposals in a project!

Find out the trigger words that cause clients to initiate chatting with you. Learn my proven formula of writing proposals that OUTSHINE my competitors’.

Session 5 – Positioning yourself strategically by communicating and negotiating with clients confidently

Freelancers simply tend to appear the NICEST human beings on planet earth by accommodating to all and any requests by clients. Learn how I communicate with clients in a pack of 50+ freelancers, who are much more talented and experienced than I am. Learn why “I am the best” isn’t what clients want to hear. Learn how I managed to get a job of $1300 when others were charging a bare minimum of only $200. Being professional freelancer means already winning your clients’ hearts! Learn what and why freelancers pay no attention of grabbing clients’ attention. In this session, you will learn the strategies I used to continuously outdo other freelancers by negotiating in a profession manner, the rates that you need to work on.

Session 6 – Getting paid using milestone payments and avoiding scams

Just like any other business, freelancers go through a painful way of dealing with clients that eventually turn out to be fraudulent people. Many people come to me and say:

Yasir, the client ran away with my money!

What? Your money? No! It never was in the first place. New freelancers keep on getting stung because they do not know how payment process works! Getting paid through milestone is the only way to get reviews and positive feedback on the site. You will learn in this session how to negotiate with clients and compel them to make milestone payments so that you are assured of your payment.

Session 7 – Understanding and setting up payment withdrawal methods, Payoneer, Skrill, bank accounts, etc.

Now that you have done your hard work, you need to get paid and have those earnings released in your home currency, i.e. PKR. Many freelancers simply do not work on because they are afraid that they cannot withdraw their payments. You have multiple options such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and more. I will teach you how to set up payment methods easily.

Session 8 – The Freelancer Dispute resolution system has a dedicated Dispute resolution system that is in place to help clients and freelancers resolve payment issues without any problems. This only works with milestone payments. I will teach you what is this method and how and when it needs to be used in order to clear your payment issues.

Session 9 – Earning reviews and feedback for the project

The only way to get more projects is to get reviews and feedback. You will learn my techniques of how I lure clients in providing a great review. You, as a freelancer have equal power to review your client on the site. The more reviews you get for projects, the higher you climb the ladder of success.

Session 10 – Growing your business, outsourcing when workload increases

Why limit yourself when you can grow? So far you have learned how to work as a freelancer. Now put on the hiring caps and be in a position to hire the best freelancer for your work! When workload increases, hire workers to do the work for you, create milestone payments and be a project manager!

Session 11 – The Gamification process, getting bids, reward programs

Do you know that helps you to increase your bids if they run out? The gamification process is what differentiates from other freelance websites. Learn the techniques to keep on playing the game called freelancing and continue increasing your credit points and rewards on the website.

Session 12 – Tips for designers and developers

In this session, I go beyond freelancing and provide helpful tips for aspiring designers/developers on free and paid resources to improve their designing skills. Although not a designer, you will learn valuable tools, tactics and resources that could be of immense help to you in launching your career as a designer/developer.

Session 13 – Tips for a writer

As a writer myself, this session is worth in GOLD! I will teach my tips on how to become a good writer by writing well-researched articles, books, blogs, and technical/user manuals. If you are a writer or want to become one, consider this to be THE MOST IMPORTANT session of the entire training.

Session 14 – BONUS! Get to ask ANY question from the entire session

The last session is a BONUS for everyone! You get to ask any and all questions from me. And it doesn’t end there. You get a LIFETIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT from me for any problems that you may be facing in your freelancing career at any point in time.

Get up to 10 hours of professional content from these classes.

Cost of the entire Freelance Training Course: PKR 4,999 (Payment methods described below)

Available Payment methods: