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Hire Me – Blog Setup, Copy-writing, Editing, SEO & Consulting Services

With over 5 years of experience painting beautiful pictures using persuasive words, I have helped a number of clients achieve their objectives when it comes to search engine optimization, blog setup and optimization, blog management, copywriting, and freelance content writing.

Based out of Lahore, Pakistan, I am a professional and full-time writer, blogger and copywriter. My rates vary starting from 3 cents a word to over 10 cents.

In writing, I can help you with the following:

  1. Ebook writing
  2. SEO Copywriting
  3. Article Writing
  4. Technical Writing
  5. User guide development
  6. Software/product review


Here is how I can help you:

Blog Consultancy – Blogging is tough, especially if you are starting out. Hire my professional blog consultancy services to assist you in setting up a beautiful blog from themes, to plugins, and writing your first ever post!

SEO Copywriting Services – Powerful copy converts visitors into customers. Hire my SEO copywriting services and boost your website traffic. I always provide unique, high quality and reliable content.

SEO Content Research – Right keywords need to be used to target the right type of people online. Let me help you find the best keywords for your website/domain and/or niche so that you can earn great income online.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to drop me an email or contact me through my website link.

Thank you