How bloggers can harness on their traffic and create attention-grabbing content?

The biggest problem of starting any blog is “which topic to blog on?” When this question is answered, the next challenge comes in “How much time per day for blogging?” While there are no definitive answers for these questions as the topics and time should be selected based upon your persona, I believe that there are some golden rules that should be applied when it comes to blogging.

With exploding internet usage in every town and city, we can expect to get targeted traffic to our blog. But when compared with thousands of new websites and blogs get hooked up online each day, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

With better connectivity using social media sharing features, there is higher competitiveness in every niche. Everyone wants to be the best. But it really isn’t possible for a blogger to extend his time limit of blogging per day. So what else comes in to keep him motivated? It seems that for every new and traffic struggling blogger:

  • Time is the biggest constraint
  • Objectives are unclear
  • Not sure how much time to give per day

It is important that the blogger entices his readers one at a time by blogging consistently. Now the frequency in consistency is based upon how many blog posts he can generate in a day, a week, a month? But once the habit of blogging is established, there is a big chunk of targeted followers who would start reading your blog.

However, please note that out of that big chunk, only a few would return to your blog, and even fewer would follow you on social media websites and subscribe to your RSS feeds. So, no wonder it is a furious battle with your patience level of developing loyal readers for your blog! As stated above, there are types of your readers:

  • Those who visit once and hardly return, or PERHAPS could return
  • Those who do become loyal
  • Those who are first time visitors

The strategy I have, is to focus on all three types of your readers. Here is a plan for kickstarting your blog:

  1. Targeted quality content – A blog with well-focused, quality content that is fruitful for your readers. Well done if you have already started doing it. You are already on your way of making an online brand of your blog. How did you think Redmondpie, Techcrunch, Dottech, Lifehacker are earning stable reputation today? They all had a common mission:

    Provide quality content consistently

  2. Attractive website design – Great magazine blogs have design that is attractive and liked by their readers. A magazine theme is preferred for blogs that update on consistent basis.
  3. Attention grabbing – Your blog needs to be attention grabbing. To all of the above categories, I am sharing some tips to get traffic for your blog

For the hard-earned unique visitors:

This is your first time visitor who has just having a meal with his friend or was referred to your blog. Perhaps he could have landed from a very specific search phrase to your blog. With a very open mind, he does not know what your website is all about and needs a few seconds. This is where your content and website design come in to grab and hold that attention. This visitor might have a problem he is looking a solution for or has a high expectation out of a new and unique blog he has visited. For this visitor, there are several things you can do to grab the attention:

  • Continued reading links
  • Encouraging signup through RSS feeds
  • Free e-book or how-to-guide solving their problem

While I do not promise that the above methods are guaranteed to work, but they are a sure way to open your blog toward loyal readers.

For the viral visitors

These visitors are those who have heard about your blog from social media websites or through other websites that are viral in nature and want to explore your blog. They are usually aware of the type of content you have posted on your blog. Although there are good chances of attracting unique visitors, but like most of the bloggers out there, you also might be interested in getting a good slice of viral visitors. So if you want to get visitors from other credible websites, here is what you need to do:

  • Actively contributing to large websites via commenting on blogs and forums with quality advice
  • Guest post on other websites with a link back to your website
  • Answering questions with a link back to your website