How much time do you spend on social media websites? Do you feel you are getting short on time? Not been able to concentrate on your work? Yes, the answer is social media. I stumbled upon a great infographics created by Socially Aware Blog and thought of sharing it with my readers. The information is quite interesting though!

We are now witnessing an era with high impacts of social media upon an average person. Nearly 7 hours are spent per month only on Facebook by an average American. There was once a time when socializing with peers in person was considered a hobby, but replace it now with social media. From 2006 to 2011, there had been a decrease from 22.8 hrs to 21 hrs per month for socializing in person. Watching TV online and using Facebook to make status updates has also increased from 6.3 hrs per month to 23.1 hrs. There are many other astounding facts that I can’t tell. So, an image is worth a thousands words and if I wrote everything, who would look at the infographics below 😉 Here you go:

Time spent on social media

Yasir Saeed

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