How to make money blogging when you have no idea: Ultimate Guide

I received a LOT of emails from people asking me how to make money blogging.

While it never is easy, I went ahead and wrote a post on my blog about it. Hope it serves a purpose 🙂

Over the last few years, blogging has been considered as a serious, no i mean, a really serious method of earning money online. But developing such type of an online empire not only takes time, but also effort in coming up with great new content that is helpful for readers, and being consistent with the efforts. I will write in this guide how to make money blogging, especially when you are just starting out and have a new blog!

Where I did get started about making money online?

It wasn’t until a Facebook ad that I stumbled upon back in 2010 where it said:

“Earn money online by writing. Join now!”

My life changed when I joined that website in the mid of August 2010.

I would have NEVER thought to be turned out a professional blogger cum writer cum marketer 6 years down the road. I don’t brag about my earnings, and I will be honest that I do not have a six figure income in USD yet, but I have substantially managed to make a good income out of it.

How to get started?

Put your strategic and thinking hats on as this work is about to get real! Before we indulge in making money online from blogging, you need to be aware of the fact that the top bloggers started out from where YOU are right now: Reading this blog!

Make money, not idiots from blogging

While in all the ‘pro advice’ out there whereas “self-made millionaires” claim how easy it is to make money blogging, trust me, it is NOT.

Whether you blog, or work freelance, making money online is as hard as doing a 9-5 job or running a physical business. The strategies, email lists, writing, blah blah blah all add up to a LOT of time and effort (and some investment too, such as good hosting, good theme, etc.)

There is NO get rich quick” scheme.

By reading this post, you agree to the fact that making money online is NOT easy, requires time & effort and above all, honesty to yourself.

Now! Let us get started!

When you are starting out, here are a few tips that can help you to manage your blog and earn income from it:

1. First things first. Get a job

By being employed teaches you how to be disciplined, well-mannered and above all, committed, to prepare you for the upcoming life of a blogger.

I see a NUMBER of people who just want to start blogging without doing any work, and end up failing miserably. Here are some benefits of a job over blogging (at least in the short run):

  • Job gives you security
  • Job provides you with a fixed monthly income to pay off your bills and cover up expenses
  • You gain professional experience by working with your colleagues
  • You learn discipline, which is essential in blogging and ANY other profession
  • You get to follow a timeline, which is ALSO compulsory for any profession

While working, you would be confident that your precious time wouldn’t be wasted blogging. At least, you will have enough funds to cover up your expenses while doing your job.

Once you have enough funds, you can then start investing them on your blog in different activities, such as:

  • Buying a unique custom theme (Around $50 to $60)
  • An SSL certificate (HIGHLY recommended if you are serious for blogging, but not required unless you make any online transactions for your blog, at around $80)
  • High quality content
  • Mailing list

2. Sign up and earn money freelancing

While you are working a part time or full time job, there is actually no harm to extend your income get yourself prepared for your upcoming role as a blogger.

I have a DEDICATED Freelance Training Course on my website where I teach the exact same steps and methods I used to make a good career online.

Here are some good websites to earn money freelancing:

Freelance writing and designing are two most popular gigs that earn a lot of money to freelancers worldwide. Start off with a good profile and look for freelance writing jobs. You will find plenty of them. The point is not to make a lot of income, but to get your hands and feet wet so that you get to know what blogging is all about.

You can provide freelance writing services in the form of:

But why start off freelance writing? I have been doing it for a lot of time and here are some of the benefits of freelance writing jobs:

You are prepared to become a better blogger

Freelance writing helps you in becoming a better researcher and writer day by day as you keep on writing more content. This prepares you to write for your blog and become a blogger.

You master the art of writing

Every single day, you learn new skills and read more content that improves the way you write.

There are plenty of jobs

With the importance of sales pages, landing pages and sale copies, it has become more evident than ever that there are plenty of writing jobs for any category of any type.

I would PERSONALLY like to invite you in signing up for a Payoneer card from this link. You will get $25 as a bonus after verifying all the details and it will help you become a motivated freelancer.

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3. Make money from Google Adsense

Did you just hear what I say? Google Adsense is perhaps the EASIEST way to get started online and make money blogging from your own website in no time.

Adsense is a sort of display advertising and a favorite tool of a LOT of bloggers that I personally know of. Start out by applying at Google Adsense. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be able to create ads and serve them on your website.

Make sure that you NEVER click on those ads and keep on providing valuable content to your readers to increase blog traffic and income.

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4. Sell your services

I was once asked:

“Yasir, when should we start selling our services?”

To which I replied:

“The moment you get live.”

I was again asked: ” But I do not have any traffic,”

To which I replied:

“Start from zero, and work toward generating traffic. Do not wait for the perfect moment, rather create it yourself.”

Blogging enables to express your feelings and emotions. As time progresses, it also gives you the ability to get a good grip over your niche and provide services to some of your readers such as consultancy and writing services.

For example, I run my website and provide freelance writing and consultancy services.

Providing consultancy services on your website is like a goldmine. You earn leads even while sleeping and you convert them in sales once you pitch them with your services and understand clientele requirements.

Ever since I started using SumoMe tools, I have been getting leads like crazy. My email list is building up and I can now offer my services and products to these subscribers.

Many experts claim that it costs a lot of money, time and effort to start a business. The best part about starting and running an online business is that it is extremely easy to setup a website and start selling your services.

For example, do you have email marketing knowledge? Find some businesses that need help with it and sell your services.

Are you good at writing? Find some businesses that need blog posts, articles, email copies and landing pages as companies do not have the time to do it for themselves.

A great idea is to send them a targeted email with maximum 2 actionable improvements. Once they respond back to you positively, sell your further services at a fee.

5. Promote affiliate offers

When you are new to the blogosphere, do not hold to the thought that you NEED to have minimum amount of traffic in order to start making money blogging. You can make a great landing page, and sell your servicesby having optins. Here is what you can doto make money blogging by promoting affiliate offers.

If you noticed, I brutally promote Payoneer card. That is because I love using it and it has been an awesome way for me of making some extra hundred bucks a month without worrying to do any work. I use payoneer and I promote it honestly on my website.

When someone signs up, receives a card and gets their first $100 earned, we both get $25 bonus.

This has been an awesome source of income for me because I WILL NOT recommend anything to my readers unless I have personally tried it out myself in the past.

Golden nuggets on how to make money blogging

The final words of advice:

Implement what you study

Get people to sign up on your mailing list

Your subscriber’s email address is worth in gold. They have voluntarily chosen to submit their email addresses to you. This means that future posts, promotions and marketing is much easier for you to do. According to Campagin Monitor, Email marketing is an effective form of online business

Implement how others have done it

ViperChill is an awesome blog. They have case studies and the content is worth breaking the internet. See how they have implemented their strategies as they keep on sharing what they do with their audience.

Your ideas on earning money online?

I would be very happy to know YOUR precious views on how to earn money online. I am sure that this guide must have been suffice enough for you to take a start, but definitely you may be having more views than I do on this topic.

Let me know what I could have missed and what YOUR ideas are of earning money online.