How to Speed Up Switching between Desktop and Start Screen By Disabling Start Screen Animation in Windows 8

Windows 8 has been power packed with loads of new features, out of which Metro Menu is the most prominent and debated one. The jury is still out to decide whether the traditional menu or the new Metro Menu is better. With the style similar to Windows OS Phone, you see tiles of programs on large screen.

Whenever you log-in to Windows 8, you see Metro Menu greeting you, from where you select to proceed to Desktop. If you want to disable this animation and move directly to your Desktop with faster loading times, then this tutorial is just designed for you :). Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of animations. learn how to disable the Metro Menu animation to switch to Desktop in Windows 8 without any hassle. Here are the steps mentioned below:

1. Initiate RUN (Win Hot Key + R), type in sysdm.cpl and press Enter.

2. Click the Advanced tab and then on “Settings” under the Performance heading.

3. Now in Performance Options, uncheck Animate controls and elements inside windows and click OK.


You’re done! That’s all you need to switch to Desktop faster than ever! You can even speed up your OS by performing several tweaks and disabling animation that simply take more time for apps to load.