How you can earn money with TrafficMonsoon, advertising revenue sharing website?

Has someone ever told you about clicking a few ads daily and earning thousands on a monthly basis? Or maybe you were interested in just doing this stuff until you came out to know that it was too good to be true? Have you ever wondered those precious clicks that you made were actually benefiting the real owner of the website, and you were paid in Peanuts?

I was and am still skeptical of these questions. How can clicking earn you so much money? But then I came to realize that if done the right way, you can earn good amount of money by viewing ads and investing in the right traffic exchange platforms that payout handsome amounts of funds to you!

This blog post is targeted towards bloggers and a “little bit extra income earners” that want to uplift their incomes on a monthly basis by doing around 30 minutes of work all within the comfort of their homes.

What is TrafficMonsoon?

Welcome to my personal review and a detailed blog post on how you can earn money through Trafficmonsoon, a Revenue sharing + PTC + Traffic exchange website.

TrafficMonsoon was started back in October 2014 by Charles Scoville and so far has generated over 500,000 members that have benefited from targeted traffic and income sources. is an advertising and revenue sharing company which allows anyone from over 200 countries to participate in traffic exchanging and advertising sharing scheme. Before I go on explaining what TrafficMonsoon is all about, I need to make it clear what it is NOT, so that you know what are you getting into:

  1. It is NOT AN INVESTMENT COMPANY. It DOES NOT invest your money to other companies and give you a return.
  2. It is NOT a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. An investment with the company is NOT considered a deposit.
  3. It is NOT a MONEY DOUBLING scheme, such as invest $100 and earn $200 the other day.
  4. If you are looking for some GET RICH QUICK schemes, forget it, TrafficMonsoon is NOT for you.
  5. You DO NOT get instant income with TrafficMonsoon.
  6. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED UNDER ANY WAY, NOR FORCED to purchase TrafficMonsoon’s services by the company. You CAN however purchase or use the services for free of cost.

The owner Charles Scoville is a reputed internet marketer that came up with a unique traffic exchange and advertising revenue sharing program from which businesses and consumers alike can get benefit.

Who can benefit from traffic exchange, i.e. TrafficMonsoon?

Whether you are a business looking for targeted traffic OR a publisher looking for ways to increase your income, TrafficMonsoon is for you! Here are 3 prime reasons why TrafficMonsoon should be your ideal platform for lead generation and income generation:

  1. Brings customers and signups to your business through a dedicated advertising platform.
  2. Generate income by purchasing adpacks and earn 10% revenue from each adpack.
  3. Generate income being an affiliate marketer (10% of what your referral purchases)

What services do TrafficMonsoon offer?

TrafficMonsoon primarily provides traffic exchange services. However, what’s more important is to realize how this can be a viable source of long term income. Trafficmonsoon provides 4 different types of services. These are listed below:

Traffic Exchange

In exchange of visiting websites to earn advertising credits, you can also show your website to other members. This brings in new traffic to your website and in exchange you get to see other websites too, which is a good way of targeting traffic.

Revenue Sharing

This is one of the hottest benefits of joining in on You earn a cool 10% profit for each adpacks that you purchase. Every adpack costs $50 and expires after 55 days providing $1 revenue on a daily basis. You can then use the same earnings to purchase multiple adpacks and hence increase your profits to over 100%!

Cash Links

Do not have any money? Do not worry! Slow and steady wins the race. If you are interested in just observing the site and earning some extra income, use the free cash links that you get once you become a member.

Up to 30 second link is $0.01 and up to a 60 second ad view link is $0.02 for every cash link you visit.

Affiliate Program

Although the joy of purchasing and reinvesting is second to none, the ultimate revenue that you can earn through trafficmonsoon WITHOUT investing your money is through affiliate marketing program. Refer your friends, family members and colleagues and ask them to purchase adpacks. You will get 10% for EVERY purchase that they make.

There is no limit to it. For life, each time your referral makes a purchase, you get a whopping $5 credited to your account. Withdraw it using Payza, Paypal or SolidTrustPay or reinvest that money towards buying a new adpack! So are you ready to generate huge passive income online?

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So what are you waiting for?