Facebook is the ultimate when it comes to social media marketing. If you are a brand and do not have a presence on Facebook, consider it a shame for yourself.

Facebook is the world’s top visited website and brands are leveraging the power of social media through interaction with their fans and followers on Facebook. Starting its journey from 2004 as thefacebook.com, the hostel-born website has turned to be a giant that no brand can live without if it wants to market itself the right way!

It does not matter what your social media marketing strategy is, you need to have a strong presence on Facebook. Due to the consistent rise in popularity of Facebook, Google launched its own social media site, Google +, which in its own is yet another powerful platform for brand marketing.
However now that we are in 2014, it is important to get across some really cool and interesting facts compiled by folks at topmarketingshools.net.

10 Facebook facts

Shared below is a summary of the 10 most important facebook key facts that you should know in 2014:

  1. Users spend nearly 20 billion minutes per day Facebook, as of June 2013. This comes up to 8.3 hours per month for every user.
  2. By Q3 of 2013, Facebook reached an astonishing 1.19 billion active monthly users. An active user is one who visits and engages through his profile/page at least once every month.
  3. US penetration of Facebook is at 67% of the total population, whereas in the UK, 82% people use Facebook.
  4. The young, and the most dynamic target market of all leading brands comprises of a whopping 83%. We are talking about aged 18 to 29 people who are fond of food, clothing, tourism, technology gadget and off course, spending. For most of the brands, this is the real target market.
  5. 73% of people with $75,000 and over salary use Facebook for business and other purposes.
  6. 4.75 billion items including posts and pictures, etc. are shared every day.
  7. An average user has nearly 40 pages liked in his profile.
  8. Facebook’s iPhone app enjoys the most sharing. A whopping 66% of Facebook iPhone users share items through their smartphones.
  9. Disneyland, Anaheim in California was the most checked-in page for Facebook in the US
  10. “adding a relationship” is the most favorite relationship status that people have on Facebook.

If you really are interested in knowing more fun facts, it is highly suggested to read the infographics below.

Infographic source: Topmarketingschools.ne10 facts of facebook infographicst

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