Now that we have hit 2013, here are your New Year’s 10 Blogging Resolutions

If you were to ask me “When is it the right time to start blogging?” I would have said “The moment you registered your domain.”

I had been really busy in my Semester Final Examination of MBA Executive and had no time of updating my blog for the past couple of days, so here I come with a new blog post!

I got my domain registered in 2004, alas started blogging in December 2012. However, it isn’t about the past, but how well can I dive in to the future. So, I believe I have made the right decision of starting a personal blog just before the New Year of 2013.

It would’ve been awesome had I started from 2005, but it isn’t bad now considering the fact that I have started blogging! I have some plans for the New Year 2013’s Resolution based upon experiences of professionals. This blog post is an inspiration from Mr. Michael Hyatt’s website, Intentional Leadership on Do you have a Personal Platform for 2013? Since he is an internationally acclaimed author of his social media textbook, I still have a long way to learn. So here is a modified version of his post targeted to bloggers based upon 2012 and the New Year 2013:

  1. Writing unique content – Nothing beats your competitors than writing unique content for your blog. Make a promise that you would never copy off others.
  2. Updating your blog frequently – Make a promise that you would update your blog regularly. For new bloggers, make at least one post a day for several months to gain reputation in the blogosphere and once you get it, maintain that frequency. Have at least 3 to 4 blog posts per week once you reach a good level of getting noticed.
  3. Learning from the experience of others – There are many successful bloggers who have shared their weird and unique experiences online. Make sure that you read them out and don’t commit the same mistakes that they made while started blogging. Learn from others experience so that you don’t have to suffer.
  4. Be ready to invest – It doesn’t cost for more than $80 a year in getting an affordable and cool blog hosting plan. Many hosting companies offer as low as $4 per month for wordpress hosting.
  5. Start from a good domain – While subdomain blogging is good, it isn’t great for organic rankings. To get noticed online, buy a custom domain. It doesn’t have to be related to the topic but in case you decide a topic related domain, make sure it doesn’t sound spammy.
  6. Pick a specific niche and stick to it – You cannot be an ultimate authority in every niche. You have to be an ultimate in ONLY one specific niche, however related topics can do good. I am blogging on SEO and related topics such as blogging, and social media. Some times I also blog on Windows 8 tutorials, which isn’t bad and related to the technology niche. Make sure you stick to a specific niche to develop credibility and authority over that subject.
  7. Glance through 2012 – Have a look at what happened in 2012, what were your mistakes, how frequently you used to post and how can you rectify those mistakes in New Year 2013? This is what I’d suggest you to collect:
  • Traffic: From the start till the end, what do your website analytics stats speak about? How many unique and returning visitors have you garnered during 2012. How did that compare with the past year? How can you improve in 2013?
  • Posting frequency: What was your posting frequency for the entire year? How long it took you to create a new post? If you posted 4 times a week, try increasing that number to 5.
  • The most visited posts: What were the most visited posts? Who are your visitors most interested in? Focus on the content that your visitors are interested in so that you can earn good amount of targeted traffic in the coming year 2013.
  • Traffic engagement: How many people commented on your social media shares and your blog posts? How did that compare with 2011?
   8. Increasing subscribers – For New Year 2013 resolutions, you should have a good goal of increasing your subscribers by as much as 50%, or even more.
   9. Increasing engagement with other bloggers – Find more blogs in your niche and engage with them through emails, comments and guest posting. Establish your identity in the blogosphere as a socially active blogger. You would gradually be getting the trust of other bloggers and the interactive community.
 10. Increasing social media marketing – Have a budget of marketing your blog on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Pinterest has come up with unique business profiles that gives you a good edge to start you own Pinterest account with a business profile.
Those were the New Year’s resolutions. How well have you already stacked up, let me know in comments!