Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I (Yasir Saeed) individually run and manage this blog and consider privacy to be one of the utmost concerns for my visitors.

Although my website is a personal blog on SEO, Social Media and Tech Giants, it is important to have a viable privacy policy intact that clearly puts my message across my blog readers. Here are some important concerns regarding your visit:

Log Files
Just with any other website, your log file is collected by containing the following:

  • IP address
  • ISP
  • Browsers, such as FireFox, IE, Chrome, etc.
  • Time visited on my website


Cookies are tidbits of small files that are used to collect your personal preferences whenever you visit a website, storing your personal credential on your system.

I have monetized my blog using Google’s Adsense program, which requires a credible privacy policy clearly communicated with my visitors. Some of these advertisers could also use cookies to send your preferences to advertisers such as Google. The main purpose of collecting your personal preferences is generating ads relevant to the content on my site as well as based upon your current location. If you are residing in Chicago, then the ads would be shown related to businesses in or near Chicago.

You are free to disable cookies as per your preferences. I respect your individual decisions and make sure that you enjoy the most out my blog.

Thank you for spending time on