The 2 golden C’s of blogging

Blogging, just like other activities, demands consistent dose of time, effort and dedication. You just cannot be a successful blogger unless you devote yourself solely toward this activity. Ever since I started blogging, there had been a fear looming on my head whether or not I’d be able to see myself as a success blogger in years to come. However, having analyzed the various reasons of success and failure of most of the bloggers online, I created this post to discuss the 2 most important golden C’s of blogging. Here are these mentioned in details:

1. Consistency:

No wonder whatever your aim be about blogging, you can never make it without being consistent. And by being consistent, I mean to regularly publish new & unique content on your blog. Make sure it is relevant of the niche you have chosen. I know it is hard to be consistent, but to be able to see yourself somewhere down the road, you need to be regular in posting quality content. Successful bloggers have posted hundreds of thousands of quality posts on their blogs since the time they started blogging. Let me be very clear that success isn’t going to come and kiss your feet right away. You need struggle to get your desired outcomes.

Consistency however, has different definitions for different bloggers. If you see the rate of big giants like Mashable, RedmondPie, and TechCrunch, you would notice that their blogs are updated on daily basis with around 10+ posts in different categories. But if you were to observe a blog run and managed by an individual person, you would notice that this rate is obviously not the same. A single person cannot write 10 posts a day, provided he is to maintain good quality content throughout his blog. Some consider daily posting whereas others consider weekly or monthly blog posting a consistent blogging effort. Since the level of competition has heightened up in EVERY niche, with new and new blogs entering the blogosphere, it goes without saying that your blog MUST be updated every single day. There just are no exceptions to it if you want to be successful down the road. I update my blog daily, no matter how tough my routine gets.

2. Communicative

Now what do I mean by communicative? By being communicative, each and every piece of information you post on your blog should be direct, written in your own voice, and have positive voice attached to it. The basic aim of doing all this is to be clear and communicate with your readers as if you were talking to your friend. Be formal and informal as you deem appropriate. Your blog is solely your property, you are free to play with the rules, as long as everything is within limits. Have a conversation with your readers and make sure that you reply to any non-spammy comment professionally. Always engage with your readers and try to solve their queries. If some readers want to know specific information but you have no post to cover it up, it could become a great idea to write a new blog post and inform the ones in search of that information. This is how ideas get generated and this is what leads to the development of loyal readers.

I really want to know your thoughts and reviews about this post. How do you connect with your readers and how often do you post on your blogs? Share in the comments below. Have a nice day ahead!