Did you even realize how fast 2012 passed? 2013 is round the corner. Have you started making a New Year Resolution regarding your website’s optimization strategy? Perhaps, some new objectives or goals? Now that we are about to hit 2013, I wanted to share with my readers some great SEO tips for 2013 that could act as fresh breeze of air for your online businesses. Now before I move on discussing these tips, here is my take on 2012:

  • Google hates low quality websites
  • Webmasters need to seriously improve the quality and quantity of their content
  • Link building should be all natural
  • A lot of emphasis has been made on Social Media especially with Google announcing their strategy to boost search results with the most +1s to the top.
  • Social media influencing search results
  • Penguin updates killing websites (13 as I remember)
  • There is no best trick for SEO. Think about the criticism of Taylor’s theory when he said “apply the best method to achieve results.” That was way back in the early 1900’s. You do that today, see what happens with your website!

Darn! That seems to be a daunting experience.In short, what I have learned in 2012 is that “Google isn’t happy about millions of low value websites and is very smart when it comes to shattering rankings.” From 13 Panda Updates to cracking down on the Exact Match Domains (EMDs), 2013 has more to offer us. Just be ready for whatever comes your way!

There are several tips for search engine optimization in 2013 that I can share, but I can’t just yell these at you all in this blog post. Here are some 5 top tips that I can share with you:

1. Make variations of your anchor links

Shamelessly what webmasters did was they started using only one keyword as their anchor text in a desperate attempt to gain as many links as possible. This was known as the overly aggressive link building technique that resulted in drastic rankings. In fact, this tactic was on the Penguin’s radar this time. For example, if your site is selling dog food online and you have way too many buy dog food onlinelinks in your website, you are in fact making the biggest mistake of your life. Something like this:

If you are looking for the best dog food online, then buy best dog food online today and save 50% from the best dog food online from us.

What? That definitely isn’t a natural sentence. So, how do you ensure naturalism approach in your sentences? Simple; don’t overdo on any keyword. Taking into account Google Trends, the above statement can be rephrased to:

Save 50% on the best dog food in celebration of 2013 and get all of your goodies with zero shipping charges.

2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!

With several Penguin updates taking place and several more on their way, trust me, SEO hasn’t remained the same anymore. Link building has become way more difficult than it was a couple of years back. Are you relying on guest posts, blog commenting, forum commenting, or any other type of link building tactic? Or is your link building fuel dependent upon getting few quality links from a variety of credible sources? The problem with webmasters is that they take a piece of article, and submit it to thousands of article directories and blogs as a guest post with a backlink and when Penguin slaps them, they get concerned about their rankings and start criticizing Google for no reason.

If you had ever been to a stock market analyst, broker or even got a chance of investing in the stock market, you would hear one term very often “Diversify your risk.” What the heck in this world does diversify mean? It means, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket because if that basket breaks, all eggs would get broken! You don’t want to replicate that strategy on your website link building tactic, would you? Make sure you get links from a range of sources, article directories, blogs, forums, etc. so that you have minimized your risk of getting penalized.

3. Study the trends

If you have been working nice and hard on your website and getting a good traffic, you can get a sudden drop in visitors. Now that is really crazy. “But I followed all white hat tactics, how did I?” Yes! You followed all white hat strategies but what if your niche shifted to including video snippets in their blogs and you didn’t? What if your competitors started social media marketing and you have no plans for it? Don’t let Google dominate your thinking. Think Beyond and see the reality. You have to know what is going on in your industry and keep yourself abreast to the latest changes or you are gone for good!

4. Rely on social media

I have had a long blog post on the influence of social media on search engine results. I believe it is the right time for you to study it and make 2013’s Resolution to spend a tiny budget on social media marketing services. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter should be your top channels with dedicated pages to market yourself. You really need to develop and implement a hard core content marketing strategy this year or else you could fail miserably.

5. Blogging should be a habit

I have made my resolution for blogging to be an active part of my website. If your website does not have a blog, what are you waiting for? Miracles don’t happen anymore! Install a blog and start blogging on DAILY basis. Your industry is so competitive that new changes are constantly happening. If you blog everyday and socially bookmark your posts, the mighty Google would consider your business as credible enough to give you higher rankings as compared to those of your competitors who don’t find blogging an enjoyable art.

Yasir Saeed

A tech enthusiast, blogger and all things tech geek, I am Yasir Saeed from Pakistan, somewhere in my mid 20's. I write how-to-guides and other tech topics for you on my personal blog at yasirsaeed.com.