Where is My Computer in Windows 8?

I am a big addict of Windows 8 so much that I forgot using Windows 7 and had been religiously following the different releases ever since the 1st Developer Preview of the latest OS. I like the Metro Menu, the new Settings bar, the New Charms bar and what not? But wait! Where is My Computer? The Heck with it? Where  did it go from Desktop? The traditional view of Microsoft regarding Windows had been dramatically changed ever since Windows 8 was introduced. I tried to create Shortcuts to Computer but it really was a nerve wracking experience for me to do so!

I wasn’t really astonished about the absence of Computer icon. What made me frustrated was that there was JUST no way out to create the shortcut if I wanted it. The new Metro Menu does not have Computer too. So I searched for Computer using the Windows Search Function. Finally when I got a way out, I wanted to share it with all of my readers on YasirSaeed.com. Here is how to enable Computer in Desktop in Windows 8:

1. Right click anywhere on the empty screen on Desktop andclick Personalize

2. Click Change Desktop Icons on the left pane of the new window

3. Aha! That’s my computer! Where were you hiding? Check the Desktop icons you want to be present on your Desktop. The end of this tutorial. Save everything and you would notice your good old buddy Computer, on the Desktop!

How to Pin Computer To Metro Menu?

That was a good way to get quick access to your Computer. What if you wanted to be really quick? An even better method of accessing Computer is of pinning it to Windows 8 Start Menu. Here is how. Just right click on the Computer icon and click Pin to Start