It’s OUT with a bang this time! The new WordPress 3.5, also known romantically as “Elvin” in the honor of famous Drummer Mr. John Elvin, has been released, around 10 days back. The moment I got the notification, I updated my 3.3 version to 3.5 and wow! Its working awesome with several new features making my blogging easier than ever. Some noticeable features are:

  • The new Media Manager
  • Retina Ready Dashboard
  • Creation of new galleries
  • New Default Twenty Twelve Theme

If you are using WordPress as a blogging CMS platform, you shouldn’t wait updating it to 3.5. Have a look at the detailed features of the new update in details:

1. New Media Manager

On the official website, it says:

completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries

The new media manager is more intuitive, user-friendly and retina-ready making it easier than ever to upload photos and create new galleries. There have been a big uproar prior to the latest WordPress 3.5 release that the WP team behind the update would be adding new media manager handling abilities. How well that promise has been fulfilled? Take a look at it for yourself:

Click the Add media icon on the top left of the post just under the heading:

Click Add Media

You would see a New Media Screen:

Wordpress insert mediaAs you can see that the entire screen has been given a complete refresh from WP team. It is great, but instead of clicking the Insert media now, I have to follow an extra step of clicking Upload filesĀ and then Select files. This is quite good, but not a feasible option when you are uploading a series of images. I thought that there could be a better alternative to it. Instead of taking me to the library, i could have gone directly to uploading images & multimedia.

2. Retina Ready Dashboard:

The new Dashboard is retina ready and works as smooth as butter on your iPad, Samsung Tablet devices and the MacBook Pro. You have an option of directly customizing your website by clicking theĀ Customize Your Site link. Customize your SiteHere is how it works:

Site customization in WordPress

I personally like this to be the best possible feature WP team can ever include. I can customize the basic looks of my website, including the Background Color, Image, Site, Title and Tagline, Navigation and Static Front Page. As I make changes, my website gets updated in the preview window right next to the customization. If satisfied, I can click Save and Publish

3. Creation of new Galleries

Perhaps of all the features that I like, this one is the coolest. Creating galleries is now a fresh breeze of air, an option missing in the previous WP versions. Click Add media and then click on Create Gallery and select the images you want to make gallery of like below: Create a Gallery in WordPress

4. New Default Theme Twenty Twelve

The new Default Twenty Twelve Theme is responsive, cleaner and faster than its predecessors.
Important notice: Just install some security plugins for WordPress because during the new versions, there are high chances of your site getting hacked by hackers in order to take advantage of the loopholes.

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